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Stewart vs. Cramer: The Rundown

Have you been hearing the buzz about the battle between these two big personalities?

Both these men are Jewish and the LA Jewish Journal, quite Jewishly, gives us a meta-take on this conflict which is worth considering and discussing:

"Last night’s encounter between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer should be replayed, studied, discussed and memorized at every single yeshiva and Jewish day school. Make the debate a mandatory part of the curriculum. Why? Because there are few more concise, dramatic and entertaining ways to engage in one of the central ongoing questions Judaism asks: How do you balance the need for money with the curse of money?"

Here is the Rundown on this conflict:

Jon Stewart on Comedy Central’s Daily Show had been taking on stock market analysts including Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money in his popular segment where he shows video clips from the news. Hindsight is 20/20 and these segments are always hilarious because they record in full-color oh-how-wrong-they-are. Embarrassing clips of Cramer speaking positively about Bear Sterns a few days before its collapse began a media war between the two. This video on YouTube is a 5 minute review of those events leading up to the appearance of Cramer on The Daily Show.

After several passive-aggressive back and forths from both sides Jon Stewart finally had Jim Cramer on his show this Thursday. Here are the full, unedited interviews complements of Comedy Central. Watch Part One and you can continue onto Part Two and Three and observe, as the LA Jewish Journal puts it: the wealthy king v. the virtuous prophet.

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