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Top Ten Shelter Songs for Sukkot
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Top Ten Shelter Songs for Sukkot



Sukkot is a shelter-centered holiday. Everyone remembers sitting in their little temporary structure, freezing their ass off, wondering just how many courses they have to stay for until it’s kosher to return to central heat. In honor of those timeless memories, we proudly present our top 10 songs about shelter.

1) Bob Dylan—”Shelter from the Storm”

2) Rolling Stones—”Gimme Shelter”

3) Madness—”Our House”

4) Simon and Garfunkel—”Homeward Bound”

5) Love—”A House is Not a Motel”

6) Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young—”Our House”

7) The Animals—”The House of the Rising Sun”

8) Blur—”Country House”

9) Al Stewart—”Bedsitter Images”

10) The xx—”Shelter”

(Image by Rachel, via Flickr)

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