About Adam Lustick

Adam is a writer and comedian in New York - performing with the sketch group Harvard Sailing Team and the rap duo Snakes. He went to NYU and now he lives in Brooklyn

Louis Katz’s Sorta Blue Comedy

By April 5, 2011

Louis Katz is an easy-to-listen-to California native with a delightfully dirty mind, and his debut comedy album, If These Balls Could Talk, is a stellar slice of his twisted sense of humor. Read More

Making With The Funny: Eugene Mirman Hates Communists, But Loves Bowling

By November 22, 2010

We put Eugene Mirman to the test on a litany of topics including malt liquor, communism, and a little event called Festival of Strikes, which he happens to be hosting on November 30th at Brooklyn Bowl. Read More

Harold Ramis And The Continued Tease That Is Ghostbusters 3

By November 11, 2010

A video interview with Harold Ramis was released today, where the Ghostbusters star adds more fuel to our dorky fires, and talks more about the part 3 most of us are waiting for and dreading.  Will it ever happen?  Who … Read More

Friday Funny $#!t: Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan Channel 2 Jews, Gibson gets Axed, Jenny Slate and More

By October 22, 2010

Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan impersonate our favorite Jewish duo, Gibson is axed from a sequel, Jenny Slate takes funny pictures, and more in our weekly roundup of all things hilarious. Read More

Making With the Funny: “Sex: Our Bodies Our Junk” co-Author Todd Levin

By October 11, 2010

If you’re looking for a sex book that will teach you all the things you really don’t need to learn about doing the dirty, and make you laugh page after page, Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk comes with our highest … Read More

Making With the Funny: Hanging out With Marc Maron

By September 21, 2010

Sometimes we find ourselves in that "can’t stand music, only podcast" phase in the week, so we go into the iTunes store, and the first thing we do is download the newest episodes of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. Maron’s a … Read More

Making with the Funny: Adira Amram Talks Juggalos and Tao Lin

By August 25, 2010

On this latest episode of Making with the Funny: Adam talks to Adiram Amram about juggalos and Tao Lin‘s newest book, Richard Yates.  But you know, in a funny way.

Sorta (but not Really) the Return of Seinfeld

By August 10, 2010

Although the horrible series finale of Seinfeld was more than 12 years ago, the show remains entrenched in our public consciousness. Between the constant re-runs, ubiquitous cultural references and the prominence of Larry David, the risk of Seinfeld fading from … Read More