About Adam Lustick

Adam is a writer and comedian in New York - performing with the sketch group Harvard Sailing Team and the rap duo Snakes. He went to NYU and now he lives in Brooklyn

Embarrassing Family Stories, Expertly Told, Take Center Stage in L.A. Show

By June 5, 2012

Nikki Levy’s new show, ‘Don’t Tell My Mother!’ features writers and performers retelling mortifying family memories live Read More

Christmas: A Seasonal Reminder Of How Birthdays Are Dumb

By December 16, 2011

Christmas – the biggest birthday party of the year. Filled with eccentric relatives, questionable sweaters and indoor trees, Jesus’ big day is a weird ordeal for everyone except for Jews. Read More

The Big Jewcy: Jill Soloway – Writer/Producer, Making Things Happen On LA’s East Side

By June 17, 2011

Writer for shows like Six Feet Under and Grey’s Anatomy, producer, and community organizer. Jill Soloway might be our new hero. Read More

The Big Jewcy: Tim Bierbaum – Makes You Laugh Till You Vomit

By June 15, 2011

Some people’s talents make me laugh. Others’ make me think. Tim Bierbaum is so talented it makes me puke Read More

The Big Jewcy: Faryn Einhorn – Baked Goods/Bored To Death/Sketch Comedy/Probably Everything Else

By June 9, 2011

She bakes, she does casting, she’s hilarious. She’s Faryn Einhorn! Read More

The Big Jewcy: Mike Sacks – Respects Nabokov As A Fellow Comedy Writer

By June 7, 2011

Mike Sacks is a comedy writer of the first order. Seriously. Read More

The Big Jewcy: Rose Surnow – “9 Feet Tall And 6 Pounds” Of Hilarious

By June 7, 2011

LA-native who is self-described as “9 feet tall and 6 pounds”, Rose Surnow is a funny lady on the rise. Read More

The Big Jewcy: Killing My Lobster – SF’s Sketch Comedy Royalty

By June 3, 2011

To say “Killing My Lobster is a San Francisco sketch comedy group” is like saying “Jesus Christ was a carpenter who died young” – true, but not the whole story. Read More