About Adam Lustick

Adam is a writer and comedian in New York - performing with the sketch group Harvard Sailing Team and the rap duo Snakes. He went to NYU and now he lives in Brooklyn

Reviewed: “New York Street Games”

By June 24, 2010

My grandmother grew up in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn during the 1920’s and would occasionally tell me about neighborhood kids playing stickball, stoopball, kick the can and a series of other games that, to a boy raised on Sega … Read More

Jewcy Review: “The Clock Without a Face”

By May 26, 2010

This very instant, as you read this, intelligent, honest citizens all across America are digging holes in the sides of highways in search of twelve scattered emeralds. Why? Because a new illustrated mystery book from McSweeney’s, The Clock Without A … Read More

Comedy Repeating Itself: The Talk Show Hoax

By May 13, 2010

A live talk show is an accident waiting to happen. It operates under some basic, unwritten rules which mirror the tenants of human decency: be nice, don’t lie, don’t curse, try to keep your clothes on, etc. So, when this … Read More

Comedy Repeating Itself: The Art of the Trailer Mashup

By May 5, 2010

One man’s journey to overcome the death of his wife leads him to forge a bond with a directionless young boy. This is the heartwarming tale of…George Costanza? Yes. Yes it is. Earlier this week, some hilarious genius gave us … Read More

Sarah Silverman: Bedwetter/Memoir Writer

By April 19, 2010

One of the functions of a public figure’s memoir is to provide the reader with a sense of origin. How did Barack Obama get into politics? How did Steve Jobs manage to change the world? How did Sarah Silverman get … Read More