About Ali Eteraz

Ali Eteraz, 28, is a contributor to Jewcy, where his focus has been on Islam and the Muslim world. He is working on a book entitled Children of Dust (forthcoming 2009). The late philosopher, Richard Rorty, called his writings "impressive."

He lives in Las Vegas, the East Coast and various unnamed locations.

Islam and its Apostates

By September 18, 2007

A recent article in the Times about Muslim apostates – those who renounce Islam – discusses a Dutch organisation called the Committee for Ex-Muslims and speaks of their mission in a supportive manner. Since I once considered myself an atheist, … Read More

The Threat That is Iran

By September 14, 2007

Ambassador Curtin Winsor, Jr., at Pipes' Mideast Monitor. Excellent section on Iran: The Bush Administration's reluctance to challenge the Saudis after 9/11 initially encountered impassioned objections from conservative and liberal commentators alike, but the outrage has tapered off as attention … Read More


By September 14, 2007

Callously putting aside the loss of life, and speaking from a pragmatic perspective, 9/11, was one of the worst, and most frustrating, events for those who agitate for positive change in the lives of average people across the Muslim world. … Read More

America, Happily Promoting Islamism

By September 14, 2007

Michael recently pointed out how the Iraqi working class are going to get cut out of the forthcoming deal over Iraq's oil, while rich Iraqi and American corporations benefit. This is, of course, not a surprise. Iraq's women were cut … Read More

Experiments with an Islamic Netroots

By September 13, 2007

All across the Muslim world, blogging is on fire. Malaysia and Iran are leading states where the political structures are constantly challenged by bloggers. Egypt often has to arrest and jail its dissident bloggers. Other Arab nations are slowly coming … Read More

An Assortment of Muslim and Eastern Musical Treats

By September 13, 2007

The Bosnian Symphony Orchestra made a beautiful recording a few years ago. It synthesizes elements of classical music, Bosnian folk, Sufi beats and the Muslim call to prayer and zikr (rememberance of God). The last half of the recording is … Read More

Happy Ramadan

By September 12, 2007

The yearly month of fasting is upon us. Shahed Amanullah, an editor at Altmuslim, is Ramadan blogging at Beliefnet. He writes in his introductory post. Muslims often refer to the holy month of Ramadan, which begins this year around September … Read More

Partying With 40,000 Unindicted Co-Conspirators

By September 12, 2007

Almost every American-Muslim youth has been to the Islamic Society of North America's annual convention in Chicago which takes place on Labor Day weekend. The organization is one of the oldest Muslim groups in the US and its evolution affects … Read More