About Ali Eteraz

Ali Eteraz, 28, is a contributor to Jewcy, where his focus has been on Islam and the Muslim world. He is working on a book entitled Children of Dust (forthcoming 2009). The late philosopher, Richard Rorty, called his writings "impressive."

He lives in Las Vegas, the East Coast and various unnamed locations.

A Reply to Jamie Kirchick’s Defense of “Islamofascism”

By October 30, 2007

Putting aside the debate over whether Islamofascism is historically appropriate (Hitchens says it is) or pragmatically sound (Gen. Abizaid says its not), I found Jamie Kirchick's thesis that liberals are not adequately opposed to violence and oppression in the Muslim … Read More

The West’s Islamic Reform Cult of Personality

By October 29, 2007

In his piece on the Crossroads series by PBS, Gary Kamiya of Salon made the observation that when it comes to reform within Islam, someone whose “views are actually representative” is the best candidate to speak about the subject. Presumably … Read More

Evaluating Islamic Reform Very Closely

By October 25, 2007

Since 2001, calls for “Islamic reform” have been central to almost any discussion of Islam. In this conversation, three distinct groups have emerged. The first group denies that Islam can reform, calling it barbaric, savage, and anachronistic. The second group, … Read More

Dinner, Democracy With Hamas

By October 25, 2007

The Guardian has a story about one of their reporters going "Inside Hamas" and eating a Ramadan meal with two senior Hamas leaders. The fact that these leaders remain unnamed during the report, suggests they are probably high level. The … Read More

Muslim Secularism and “the Iran Problem”

By October 17, 2007

Part VI of my series on Islamic reform at the Guardian is now available. It is entitled Muslim Secularism and its Allies. The original title was Muslim Secularism and "the Iran Problem." Check out the article to see why I … Read More

The Muslim Right and Making of the Muslim Left

By October 16, 2007

Part V of the ongoing series on Islamic reform is up at Guardian Unlimited. It is entitled The Muslim Right and Making of the Muslim Left. It starts with a story from my life, evaluates the ideological development of the … Read More

The Quran I Hate, and The One I Love

By October 5, 2007

Nietzsche said that translation is a form of conquest. This line comes up in a section of The Gay Science where Nietzsche says that “the degree of the historical sense of any age may be inferred from the manner in … Read More


By September 18, 2007

Well, folks, that is all. My time here is up. I want to thank everyone who participated or read. I also want to thank Michael W. for inviting me. I do my general day to day blogging here, and am … Read More