About Ali Eteraz

Ali Eteraz, 28, is a contributor to Jewcy, where his focus has been on Islam and the Muslim world. He is working on a book entitled Children of Dust (forthcoming 2009). The late philosopher, Richard Rorty, called his writings "impressive."

He lives in Las Vegas, the East Coast and various unnamed locations.

Sharia and the Archbishop of Canterbury

By February 18, 2008

[Correction: Upon review of the audio of the interview, it turns out that Williams did indeed claim that Sharia is "unavoidable" — the editors.] Much has been made recently of Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams' comments in an interview with the … Read More

Barbershop Barack

By February 14, 2008

When I want my sideburns fixed and a nice shave with a razor, I go to an African-American barbershop. While there are many erstatz barbershops springing up all around the suburbs and even in the malls, the most authentic ones … Read More

Will Canadian Muslim Lawyers Drop Complaint Now?

By December 17, 2007

It would appear that Macleans Magazine, Canada, who got involved in some controversy with some Canadian Muslims for publishing excerpts Mark Steyn’s America Alone, has published a rebuttal (from Canadian Muslims no less). Here is the masthead at Macleans right … Read More

Meditation Upon an Honor Killing

By December 17, 2007

Recently, a Muslim girl was killed by her father for her refusal to wear a hijab. When I heard of the news I contacted the editors at Guardian, where I write regularly, with a very Islamic condemnation of the killer … Read More

Soccer Jersey Insults Islamic Culture!

By December 12, 2007

A Turkish lawyer is suing UEFA due to the fact that he feels that Inter Milan's cross bearing shirts were offensive. This example is a great one to make my basic point: treating Muslims as if they are all connected … Read More

Open Thread

By December 11, 2007

 The political "left" can/cannot be separated from Marxism/Socialism.  

“Muslim!” Now Available In Insult Form

By December 11, 2007

"Muslim!" is quickly becoming one of the worse insults to call someone. When a Presidential candidate—Barack Obama—is so much as (falsely) rumored to be Muslim, it is considered a smear. Mr. Obama, a Christian, and the son of an atheist … Read More

A Muslim Left

By December 4, 2007

Recently, I finished a seven part series on Islamic reform at Guardian's Comment is Free. The post that prompted the most feedback — discussed by NYTimes' Opinionator blog, critiqued in a column at Daily Times in Pakistan, reprinted at Alternet … Read More