About Ali Eteraz

Ali Eteraz, 28, is a contributor to Jewcy, where his focus has been on Islam and the Muslim world. He is working on a book entitled Children of Dust (forthcoming 2009). The late philosopher, Richard Rorty, called his writings "impressive."

He lives in Las Vegas, the East Coast and various unnamed locations.

As-Salam-Alaykum Brother Barack! You Can Tell ‘Em Now

By November 5, 2008

Dear Shaykh ul Islam President Barack Hussein ibn Obama. All praises belong to Allah! Today is a great day for Islam. The President of the United States of America is a Muslim! The greatest nation is now ruled by the … Read More

Americans Remember That Church & State Are Separate

By August 22, 2008

Evangelical influence in the Unites states is not a secret. Intellectuals like Naipaul identified its ascent in the mid 80's. Of the four living presidents, two are avowedly evangelical. The public sphere is full of leading evangelical personalities, both on … Read More

The MI5 States The Obvious: Terrorists are a Diverse Collection of Individuals!

By August 21, 2008

The British spy agency MI5 has a behavioral science unit which was apparently asked to draw up a profile of a violent extremist. While noting that these days the extremists resorting to violence do so 'in defence of Islam' they … Read More

Obama’s Brandenburg Should Be In Pakistan

By July 22, 2008

One of the most interesting things about the Obama-McCain showdown is that for the most part, most of the world, including the Americans, have already begun treating Obama as President. The sort of coverage he gets, and more importantly, the … Read More

Barack Bonaparte: Obama’s Afghan Scheming Could Lead to a Disaster of Napoleonic Proportions

By July 21, 2008

In 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte of France, head of the largest army in the world, began the worst military campaign in history. His ill-fated and tragic invasion of Russia led to nearly two thirds of the French army getting killed. The … Read More

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Throws On His Burqa

By June 18, 2008

I was both amused and irritated by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's recent article at the Huffington Post about single-sex education and its relationship to sexual polarity and eroticism. His basic argument is that going to school with the opposite sex from … Read More

International Islamic Conferences Are A Sad Farce

By June 16, 2008

There are three kinds of large Islamic conferences: academic (boring and ignored); populist (consumerist and boisterous); and public relations (schizophrenic and confused). I've attended the first two myself, in debates about the hermeneutics of the Quran at various elite universities, … Read More

Is Neoconservatism Even A Doctrine At All?

By June 10, 2008

Ed Note: The discussion of neoconservatism starts here and continues here. Ali Eteraz jumps in to respond to the latest round, here. Daniel Koffler says that when it comes to foreign policy, neoconservatism is neither liberal internationalism, nor illiberal expansionism, … Read More