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I'm The Angry Office Manager by day and a writer by night. I live with my dog Hubbell in the East Village, and am currently up to three iced Venti Americanos a day.

This Month in Hitler News

By October 2, 2009

When you hear of a group called Human Rights Watch…what do you think this group does? In the simplest definition, even before going to their website, one can deduce that it’s an organization that watches, and probably, for the sake … Read More

Atheists + Jews = Moneymaking Opportunity

By September 3, 2009

I do not have a head for business. I know this for a fact. In college I took one business class to fill a requirement and when it came time to write my final paper, my topic was: "Why I’d … Read More

Chronicles of a Nonbeliever

By August 19, 2009

I do not believe in God. This lack of belief on my part has been a source of contention between my mother and me since I first told her.  She blames my father, of course. While my mother went to … Read More