About AmyGuth

Amy Guth is the author of Three Fallen Women, which she is perpetually schlepping around to pimp out. Between travels, she's hard at work on her next novels and is the woman with the pink-stripey hair usually starting up the horah at MOT get-togethers. Keeping true to her stick-it-to-the-man Hebrew namesake (Shifreh), she has written about feminism, sexism, tikkun olam, tzedekah, blaxploitation, social reform, media literacy and all sorts of other things for The Believer, Monkeybicycle, Bookslut, Hungry Chicago, Four Magazine, JewishFringe.com, and The Complete Meal, among others. She blogs Bigmouth indeed Strikes Again about everything, Granola Bar D'var about Jewy eco-kasher goodness, and a few other blogs here and there, has collaborated on a few shows within Second City's Training Center and is an assistant fiction editor at 42 Opus. The select few remember the days when she dabbled in improv, as well, including the night she was the "Kill Whitey" crayon. Stalk her silly at Guth-a-Go-Go.com.

Guess What Today Is?

By December 31, 2007

Betcha don't know what today is! Why, it's Purim of the Curtains, of course. Doy. No, I'm serious. First called "Purim Vorhang" and celebrated in the middle of winter (on 22 Tevet), this Purim happened a few hundred years ago … Read More

On The Nightstand Thursdays

By December 27, 2007

The Jewish Book Council, who is behind the Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish Literature, has announced this year's five finalists for said prize, basing their selections on a "demonstration of a fresh vision and evidence of future potential to further … Read More

Chinese Food On Christmas

By December 26, 2007

Man, I forgot all about this guy's song. Well, let's dust it off and enjoy it another year, even if it is a day late. (And, on a related note, hit Tamar's post that ponders our actions on Christmas and … Read More

Tzedakah We Love Monday

By December 25, 2007

New Israel Fund's Project for African Refugees could use our support. I know you know, but the details go something like this: Post-Shoah, Israel was a drafter of the UN Convention on Refugees, which, in short, states that any refugee … Read More

Mah-Jongg Smackdown

By December 21, 2007

People think I'm a mah-jongg maven and I have no idea why. I recently was given a mah-jongg set. It's old and the case is falling apart, but I love it. Problem? I don't know how the effin' eff to … Read More

On The Nightstand Thursdays: The Flying Camel

By December 20, 2007

I will open by admitting that I haven't yet read this book. But, It was just recommended to me by someone I trust to not recommend crappy reads, so I'm going to put my stamp on it because this is … Read More

Sci-Fi Shabbes

By December 19, 2007

I'm not a sci-fi geek. But, almost a decade ago, I had a roommate that introduced me to the world of the cons. ComiCon, GenCon, something that seemed tailored for the renaissance fair, er, faire crowd, a couple of Star … Read More

When “American Wedding” Means “Christian Ceremony”

By December 18, 2007

I'm a writer, so I work out of my apartment. Most of the other residents of my building are 9-5ers, so I enjoy very quiet workdays. But, sometimes one of my upstairs neighbors is home during the day, too, and … Read More