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Amy Guth is the author of Three Fallen Women, which she is perpetually schlepping around to pimp out. Between travels, she's hard at work on her next novels and is the woman with the pink-stripey hair usually starting up the horah at MOT get-togethers. Keeping true to her stick-it-to-the-man Hebrew namesake (Shifreh), she has written about feminism, sexism, tikkun olam, tzedekah, blaxploitation, social reform, media literacy and all sorts of other things for The Believer, Monkeybicycle, Bookslut, Hungry Chicago, Four Magazine, JewishFringe.com, and The Complete Meal, among others. She blogs Bigmouth indeed Strikes Again about everything, Granola Bar D'var about Jewy eco-kasher goodness, and a few other blogs here and there, has collaborated on a few shows within Second City's Training Center and is an assistant fiction editor at 42 Opus. The select few remember the days when she dabbled in improv, as well, including the night she was the "Kill Whitey" crayon. Stalk her silly at Guth-a-Go-Go.com.

Not To Be A Downer, But Is Your Chanukiah Under Safety Recall?

By December 6, 2007

A friend of mine has the Crate & Barrel chanukiah that, while terribly chic, was unfortunately recalled a few years ago after a few of them burst into flames. Oops. She's "tinkered" with it, she insists, so it won't ignite … Read More

Chag Sameach. Let Us Celebrate By Bustin’ Out Mad Rhymes.

By December 4, 2007

Oh, man, I'm so excited to watch the Chanukah Bird video again. I love the counting in Hebrew that crumbles into Spanish. And the lyric about the list. And the one about Boca. And the… Oh, that Eric Schwartz. I … Read More

Tzedakah Monday: Chanukah Goodies for IDF Soldiers

By December 2, 2007

Connections Israel started nearly a decade ago to aid Jewish communities and schools worldwide in their support for Israel. Mostly, they focus on implementing educational programs to help support IDF soldiers with gift baskets and a sort of pen pal … Read More

Put the Christ Back in Christmas?

By December 1, 2007

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I, Amy Guth, a Jewish woman, kind of support the keep-the-Christ-in-Christmas bullshit. I think. Wait, no. I don't. No, I do. Sort of. Oy. Anyway, some other Jews and a few … Read More

On The Nightstand Thursdays: Jewish Living, Part Two

By November 29, 2007

Earlier this month, I wrote about Jewish Living magazine, and I was really iffy about it. I was questioning the stated target market of the magazine, among other things. Bon Appetite, Goumet and the like are cooking and food magazines, … Read More

Chicago’s Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies

By November 28, 2007

Here in Chicago, the community is rather chatty about the new Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies opening a new $55M facility on Michigan Avenue. This building is, I have to admit, really quite stunning and Friday, it opens to the … Read More

T-Shirts and Other Tzotch

By November 27, 2007

My younger brother informed me I no longer "dress cool". I protested, of course, as his primary reasoning to say such a thing is that I'm surely too old to have any cool shirts anymore. (Well, maybe if you'd visit … Read More

Tzedakah We Love Monday: Table to Table

By November 26, 2007

Many times, leaving events and seeing buffets being shoved into the trash, I've thought, Someone ought to start an organization to bring this food immediately to people who need it. Enter Table to Table, a food rescue organization in Israel … Read More