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Amy Guth is the author of Three Fallen Women, which she is perpetually schlepping around to pimp out. Between travels, she's hard at work on her next novels and is the woman with the pink-stripey hair usually starting up the horah at MOT get-togethers. Keeping true to her stick-it-to-the-man Hebrew namesake (Shifreh), she has written about feminism, sexism, tikkun olam, tzedekah, blaxploitation, social reform, media literacy and all sorts of other things for The Believer, Monkeybicycle, Bookslut, Hungry Chicago, Four Magazine, JewishFringe.com, and The Complete Meal, among others. She blogs Bigmouth indeed Strikes Again about everything, Granola Bar D'var about Jewy eco-kasher goodness, and a few other blogs here and there, has collaborated on a few shows within Second City's Training Center and is an assistant fiction editor at 42 Opus. The select few remember the days when she dabbled in improv, as well, including the night she was the "Kill Whitey" crayon. Stalk her silly at Guth-a-Go-Go.com.

Tzedakah We Love Monday: Amit

By December 17, 2007

Founded in 1925, AMIT works with many young Israelis that find themselves vulnerable educationally, psychologically, financially and/or socially, helping and supporting them "within a framework of academic excellence, religious values and Zionist ideals." AMIT works to nurture children from diverse … Read More

Should You Brave A Canadian Winter In A Car?

By December 14, 2007

I'm just hearing about this, but yesterday in the Canadian Jewish News, Avrum Rosenweig printed a letter written in response to his last couple of days of blog posts written about a Jewish Canadian woman suffering from MCS (multiple chemical … Read More

On The Nightstand Thursdays: Disguised As Clark Kent: Jews, Comics and the Creation of the Superhero Books

By December 13, 2007

I went into Disguised As Clark Kent thinking it would be about the same book as Up, Up And Oy Vey!: How Jewish History, Culture, and Values Shaped the Comic Book Superhero by Simcha Weinstein (Oy Vey is jokier and … Read More

Sex(ish) Roundup

By December 13, 2007

What about news of a Hooters in Israel? (I can't help but to wonder if there has ever been a battle of altering the uniform to conform to religious modesty mandates? I mean, if a woman is a qualified applicant, … Read More

White Lies: Yay or Nay?

By December 11, 2007

I think about lying a lot. More than I should, I'm sure. I don't really know why lying, even very minor infractions, bothers me so much, but it really does. Despite knowing people who can slip a fib out without … Read More

Tzedakah We Love Monday: Project Chicken Soup

By December 10, 2007

December first was World AIDS Day, and the entire month of December is HIV/AIDS Awareness Month. That being the case, I thought it might be nice to aim our tzedekah accordingly. Enter Project Chicken Soup, an organization serving the greater … Read More

Giant Dreidel Video

By December 7, 2007

I don't have any Jewish neighbors. I did for a while, but they moved, and I'm solo representin' on this block anymore. But, if I had Jewish neighbors, I can only wish for neighbors doing weird dreidel-themed shit like this … Read More

The (Internal) Glow of Chanukah

By December 6, 2007

After the questions I posed, and the thoughts I was kicking around the other day about the pre-Christmas frenzy, it was with great delight I read this article over on Aish today that, though not exactly related to what I … Read More