About BG

BG is a professional blogger whose work has appeared on numerous sites from Rotten Tomatoes to PopMatters. She loves film, TV (yes "the boob tube"), and music and has critiqued on all three. In 2004, she published a book with Penguin on the hit reality TV show "The Apprentice". She realizes that was four years ago already and we live in fast times. 

Her writing has also appeared in The Boston Globe and The Jerusalem Post. She writing can presently be found over at Jewlicious, Amaldo.com's blog, and an anonymous blog which will one day make her famous and supports her long-term goal of world domination of the blogosphere.

Real Straight Girl Miriam Libicki

By April 1, 2007

I first discovered artist/satirist Miriam Libicki when I read a profile of the former IDF soldier on Zeek. Miriam 's now famous comic serial Jobnik documents her experiences in detail as a young American/Canadian women in the Israeli army. Additionally … Read More

Food Glorious Food

By March 29, 2007

What is worth a king’s ransom? According to the musical, "Oliver!," it’s food, glorious food! … Gulped, swallowed or chewed.. Throw in a Vermont cheese company and two New Yorkers, and you have “Food, Glorious Kosher food.” At the World … Read More

French Comic Book Hero Asterix Now A Vehicle For Peace In The Middle East

By March 28, 2007

At a Paris book fair this weekend, two versions of the beloved Asterix comic hero in 1001 Arabian Nights (one in Hebrew, one in Arabic) were released. As the translators explain below, both camps had to make certain concessions in … Read More

Kosher L’Pesach Weed

By March 28, 2007

Courtesy JPost: Hemp has increasingly been spotted on the list of kitniyot, or legumes, that Ashkenazi Jews abstain from eating during Pessah, according to several influential rabbinical Web sites, including kashrut.com. But not everyone agrees that hemp qualifies for the … Read More

Daily Show Redux

By March 28, 2007

I like The Onion, but I'm not so sure about their brand spanking new vlog network. With all the political satire/mockumentary stylized shows out there these days, it just doesn't stand out too much.

And You Thought Gilbert Gottfried Was Annoying

By March 28, 2007

The ever-popular "Jewish" political satirist vlogger Atlas tackles Ann Coulter. Can someone please explain this woman's appeal? Aside from doing a really bad Fran Drescher impersonation?

“24” Is A Conservative Show Because It Advocates Torture

By March 27, 2007

So asserts Kevin Drum of The Washington Monthly: So this is yet more fodder for the fire: is 24 an inherently conservative show because of its message that torture is necessary, torture works, and only weak-kneed liberals object to it? … Read More

Adam Sandler Will Have To Revise His Hannukah Song

By March 27, 2007

Dame Edna's alter ego emerged from a different kind of closet in the latest edition or Heat magazine. Barry Humphries aka Dame Edna admitted that he is "partly Jewish." While Damn Edna could be the bastard child of Julia Child … Read More