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Food Glorious Food

What is worth a king’s ransom?

According to the musical, "Oliver!," it’s food, glorious food! … Gulped, swallowed or chewed..

Throw in a Vermont cheese company and two New Yorkers, and you have “Food, Glorious Kosher food.”

At the World Championship Cheese Contest held in Wisconsin, Cabot Creamery’s Cheddar Cheese earned the title of “World’s Best Cheddar.” Now, the “World’s Best Cheddar” has the OU-D kosher for Passover stamp. Cabot’s sharp cheddar, which is aged for five-months, has already received rave reviews.

In a December 2006 press release, Cabot estimated 6 to 8 million Americans eat Kosher products. This prompted the Vermont Cheese Company to seek Kosher certification. “Our Kosher products are in keeping with our commitment to provide our consumers with dairy products that fit their desires and lifestyles,” commented Dr. Rich Stammer, President of Cabot Creamery.

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