Erika Davis

I'm a freelance writer and blogger living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn. I am indeed a black, gay Jew(in training) and have a lovely Jewish girlfriend. I'm working on a memoir and write the blog

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Getting 200 Jews Talking About Gefilte Fish

The long-maligned Jewish culinary staple finally gets some love at Gefilte Talk

Does This Mezuzah Make My Apartment Look Jewish?

When my partner and I moved in together, we realized there were many different ways to create a Jewish home. The thing we both agreed on was that we wanted a mezuzah on our door.

Hip Hop Artist Yitz “Y-Love” Jordan Discusses Being Black, Gay, and Jewish

Orthodox rapper talks to Jewcy about his decision to come out publicly, the surprising reactions to his announcement, and his plans for the future

The Son Of A Cantor Man: Noah Aronson

oom with Noah Aronson as he’s talking about his music is seeing the passion in his eyes. The son of beloved Cantor Theodore Aronson, Noah has decided to follow a similar path and devote his life to making his music accessible and tangible for Jewish audiences.

Black, Gay, And Jewish: Passover Lamb And Sweeping Statements

My culture is black and queer while my religion is Jewish. This is not to say that they cannot coexist.