About Carrie Goldberg

Carrie Goldberg is the Executive Editor and Founder of ThisIsMPC.com, a fashion/lifestyle blog, but heads to Jewcy.com when she's feeling sarcastic. Carrie is a stylist/writer/fashion publicist a.k.a. an indecisive jack of all trades living in New York City.

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Moroccan Oil

By June 25, 2010

Hot oil hair treatments are for women with too much time on their hands. There, I said it. If you have enough time at night to go home, wait for your treatment to heat, apply it, spend the hours it … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Rent The Runway

By June 18, 2010

There has been a debate amongst employees at the Jewcy HQ about the overwhelming presence of Hassidim in high-end department stores. The everlasting stereotype concerning Jews and wealth seems to not be enough of an explanation for this, especially once you consider … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Izzy Grinspan, Editor, Racked.com

By June 16, 2010

              We at the Jewcy HQ like to keep tabs on people who have come into Jewcy, made their mark and graduated to continue doing so elsewhere – in most cases, in the offices … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Lilit Marcus, Editor of The Gloss/ Writer, Save the Assistants

By June 16, 2010

A previous editor of Jewcy.com and the current editor and writer of The Gloss and Save the Assistants, Lilit Marcus has proved more than anyone that being a blogger does not immediately correlate with being a couch-bound computer geek. In … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Minnie Tonka, Burlesque Performer

By June 15, 2010

Usually associated with a brand of moccasins, this name should now trigger a concept in your mind completely different from footwear. Instead, after her six years in the biz, Jewish Burlesque should shoot to your noggin’s forefront when hearing her … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Leandra Medine, Fashion Blogger – The Man Repeller

By June 14, 2010

Currently a fashion writer on sites like StyledOn and Jewlr, founder, writer and editor of The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine is not turning anyone off from her new blog with her killer eye and snarky fashion commentary. Having attended Jewish Yeshiva high … Read More

The Big Jewcy: Beverly Hames, Owner of Fox & Fawn

By June 14, 2010

  If you were to ask Beverly Hames, co-owner of budget-conscious consignment shop, Fox & Fawn, what the Jew-iest thing about her is – the vintage maven would say, "my ass" without hesitation. Nevermind the racks of perfectly selected vintage duds … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Jo Nayor

By June 11, 2010

Considering that I have been open and honest with you all up until now, I feel like this time around, as I ring in my third week of The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style, it should be no different. So … Read More