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Carrie Goldberg is the Executive Editor and Founder of ThisIsMPC.com, a fashion/lifestyle blog, but heads to Jewcy.com when she's feeling sarcastic. Carrie is a stylist/writer/fashion publicist a.k.a. an indecisive jack of all trades living in New York City.

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: In God We Trust Sweet Nothings Pendant Necklace

By August 6, 2010

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and how right they are. All things sparkly are definitely a way to a woman’s heart, mind, body and soul – or at least they are the way to mine. I was … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Affordable Luxuries

By July 30, 2010

Considering that two weeks back I encouraged you to blow thousands of dollars all in the name of self-indulgence, I figured this week should be centered around the more affordable luxuries us Jews prefer to pride ourselves on during one of … Read More

Fashion Week Bends Over Backwards for the Jews

By July 23, 2010

I assume we all know about New York Fashion Week, that one week every six months where designers showcase their collections for the season to come. We’ve talked about this week before, and had you not heard about it before … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Team Clean

By July 23, 2010

Real Housewife of New York City Sonja Morgan once regaled viewers of her Bravo reality show with what she considers to be an ideal existence. Its all about the clothes, the travel, the pets, the house, the surroundings. In short, … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Investment Pieces

By July 16, 2010

Talk is cheap, but not everything is. I admittedly have expensive taste and until now, have definitely deprived you all of luxury as I have shared the myriad of deals and discounts featured on past weeks’ Guide(s) to Style. As … Read More

Hippie Dippe San Fran Skippie

By July 16, 2010

We at the Jewcy HQ don’t leave our interviewees high and dry. Like the proud Jew parents were are likely to become, we make sure to keep tabs on those we’ve written about. This is partially due to our patron … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Stamler Design

By July 9, 2010

Working, non-working, teacher, doctor, costume designer, lawyer or trapeze artist – regardless of what you or your mother does for a living, come time to plan an event, whether that be a wedding or a Bar-Mitzvah, Jewish women suddenly become … Read More

The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: S’Creme

By July 2, 2010

I am convinced that ice cream and frozen treats are the cure to any and every problem. Kids giving you a hard time on a hot summer day? Ice cream to the rescue. Boyfriend just broke your heart? Someone’s headed … Read More