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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Stamler Design

Working, non-working, teacher, doctor, costume designer, lawyer or trapeze artist – regardless of what you or your mother does for a living, come time to plan an event, whether that be a wedding or a Bar-Mitzvah, Jewish women suddenly become event planners. Perhaps her (or your) taste is questionable, perhaps organization isn’t your strong suit and maybe your allergies present an issue when it comes to tasting the options provided by the caterer. None of these issues matter to your family and friends, who expect nothing but top notch event planning skills. Never mind that event planning is a skill reserved for, well, event planners – Jews don’t waste money on such nonsense. Now you’re in charge, and that simcha better have the swag of an episode of My Super Sweet 16, or you’ll be hearing about it for the rest of your life. A simcha may only last under a day, but Jewish guilt?  Now that’s something that never fades.

The anxiety of planning such a fiesta can be overwhelming, needless to say, so I always appreciate brands and talented people who live and work to ease such processes.

Enter Stamler Design, a personal stationary and invitation hub that works to make sure your invitations are printed and customized to your liking. With catering, décor, venue crises and entertainment to stress about, its nice to know that there’s someone out there who makes sure your guests show up to chow down on filet mignon and get their picture placed on Cindy Crawford’s Playboy spread in a neon lit photo booth that you just "had to have".

With offices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Manhattan and possibly a new branch launching in Cleveland, Stamler Design is keeping busy to make sure your guests know where to be and when. Although they are not paper behemoths like Papyrus or Kate’s paperie, the boutique size and nature of their brand makes them perfect for a process that really should be all about you. Want an invite created from scratch? Done. Like something you’ve seen elsewhere and can’t afford it? Stamler Design can recreate the look at a cheaper price. This may be the point where you wonder to yourself how a single Jewish girl can be trusted to recommend a brand to make your or your daughter’s wedding invitations. If those thoughts are running through your little Jewish mind, here’s a fun fact: Stamler Design was responsible for my age-appropriate, sophisticated yet fun Bat-Mitzvah invitations many moons ago. Heed my words and you too could be sending out elegant white cardstock with black font placed inside purses made of turquoise sheer velum for your daughter’s coming of age. That’s right tweens, my Bat-Mitzvah invite was in a paper purse – beat that.

For more information on Stamler Design or to make an appointment for a consultation in either of their two cities of operation, visit their website at




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