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The Jewish Mother’s Guide to Style: Affordable Luxuries

Considering that two weeks back I encouraged you to blow thousands of dollars all in the name of self-indulgence, I figured this week should be centered around the more affordable luxuries us Jews prefer to pride ourselves on during one of our favorite past times: bargain hunting. Case in point, the right beauty products. Spending a little bit of money on nicely scented,well made toiletries can easily transport you to Paris, a botanical garden or even to Hong Kong – all in a shower or a manicure. Yes ladies, yesterday I had amanicure, closed my eyes and was transported to Asia. Heed my words and you too can take a luxury vacation in the twenty minutes it takes your manicurist to polish you off.

Balenciaga just released a bath product to accompany its recently launched Eau de Parfum. Hints of floral and peppery undertones lurk beneath the scent of French violets in both their perfume and their newly released shower gel. In short, this bath wash will leave you smelling like Paris. For forty dollars you can soak in the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower and eat a croissant. Instead of leaving your shower smelling like espresso, cigarettes and butter, you’ll step onto your bathmat refreshed, feeling feminine and botanically scented, without smelling like The Secret Garden. If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is.

Let’s head to the place most Jewish mothers feel most comfortable, the kitchen. Leaving this safe haven smelling like peroxide or Clorox should be considered a sin. We make brisket in here, ladies and gents, and therefore it is a space that should be treated with respect. The at-home kitchen spray of Food n’ Femininity chef and food blogger, Erin Phraner, Mrs.Meyers lavender kitchen spray should immediately be replacing whatever chemical-packed toxin you’ve been showering your counters with. Not only will your safe space now smell like the best of floral herbs, your brisket will be rid of any and all chemicals your granite was packed with. I don’t care that you like looking at Mr. Clean’s six pack, you should now think of him as the muscle man trying to poison your cholent. If liking a good smelling kitchen and non-toxic Jew meat is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Lastly, let’s touch on your probable Friday afternoon, pre-Shabbat activity: the manicure. I always consult nail connoisseur Amaya Maurie of The Cool Kid List before manicuring for the scoop on what’s recently launched in the nail world. Yesterday’s trip to the salon was no different as she directed me to O.P.I’s new and international India and Hong Kong collections. After browsing through asian stereotyped named polishes for over ten minutes, I settled on the not-so-PC "Curry Up Don’t Be Late," a metallic yellow gold polish. I placed "Red My Fortune Cookie," "A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find," and "Panda-monium Pink" back on the shelf in exchange for a manicured trip to India. Pretty much, the only title missing from this collection was "Me Lilac You Long Time." For the small cost of an aspirationally colored mani-pedi, you too can take politically incorrect vacations all summer long. In this case, tickets only cost $8.00 at your local CVS.





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