About Gabriela Marcus

Gabriela Marcus graduated NYU Tisch School of the Arts a few years ago with a degree in drama. She is an aspiring actress and writer living in Los Angeles. If you want to know how that’s going, you can read her blog.

Sex and Love: Committing to Tu B’Av

By July 22, 2013

The holiday known as Jewish Valentine’s Day is really about commitment—and that’s terrifying Read More

What Yom Kippur and Valentine’s Day Have in Common

By February 14, 2013

Both Jewish holidays encourage us to reconsider our food intake and atone for the year’s mistakes Read More

Tales of a Competitive Bageler

By July 12, 2012

Mastering the art of letting everyone know just how Jewish you really are. Read More

J-Dating in the Dark

By June 21, 2012

A Jewish girl searches for love online, then spends all her time messaging friends who are also on Jdate Read More