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News You Need: Jake Gyllenhaal Has New Puppy, Ripped Abs

By December 1, 2014

Director Antoine Fuqua: “We literally turned him into a beast.” Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: In Which the Israelites Finally Peace Out of Egypt

By November 20, 2014

And are given the commandment to eat matzo on Passover. Thanks, God! Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: In Which the Firstborns Die, and the Israelites Pillage Egypt

By November 14, 2014

Plus, how Jews learned to always. pack. snacks. Read More

Gird Your Loins: It’s the Latest Episode of OMGWTFBIBLE!

By November 6, 2014

The story of Exodus continues with the very first, very bloody Passover. Read More

El Al Pledges Commitment to Passengers’ Spiritual Safety in New In-Flight Video

By November 3, 2014

“Full body protection vest” now available for male Orthodox passengers seated next to women. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: Oh My God, Still With the Plagues?

By October 30, 2014

Locusts! They’re also kosher. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: Plagues, Hardened Hearts, and Fiery Hail Missiles

By October 23, 2014

And yet still more plagues to come. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: A Plague On Your House!

By October 18, 2014

In which Moses unleashes all sorts of biological weirdness on the population of Egypt. Read More