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OMGWTFBIBLE: Live From Limmud UK With Kevin Sefton!

By January 9, 2015

This week: the story of Yitro, and some delightful accents from the one of the most unique Jewish festivals in the world. Read More

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Marries Robotics Star Tasha McCauley

By January 2, 2015

Leave your nominations for our new ‘Official Single Jewish Millennial Heartthrob’ in the comments. Read More

Tigress Named Chana Eats Cubs at Jerusalem Zoo

By December 29, 2014

Is this the definition of irony? Read More

Here is an Amazing Photo of Nancy Reagan Sitting on Mr. T’s Lap

By December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, dear readers. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: A Great Jewish Tradition Begins—Kvetching About Food

By December 18, 2014

Plus, a holy f*&king Shabbos for Hashem. Read More

Share Your Chanukah Chorror Story With Us LIVE in New York on 12/22!

By December 15, 2014

We’re teaming up with OMGWTFBIBLE for a fun, mortifying holiday extravaganza. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: High Drama on the Reed Sea

By December 11, 2014

The Israelites finally peace out, the Egyptian army is obliterated—then a lot of kvetching over water. Read More

OMGWTFBIBLE: God Plans to Obliterate Egypt’s Entire Army in Cold Blood

By December 7, 2014

Also: It’s the Reed Sea, not the Red Sea. Read More