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The Weekly Yiderati: Virginia Woolf’s Rebbe, The Maus Legacy, Tony Judt, And So Much More For Book Nerds

Our weekly roundup for book nerd news is pretty full this week.

Reviewed: Deborah Jiang Stein’s “Even Tough Girls Wear Tutus”

Stein, adopted by white academic Jewish parents, finds out that her biological mother, a heroin addict, gave birth and weaned her for a year in prison.

The Weekly Yiderati: Welcome To Award Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…if you’re into book awards and new Leonard Cohen albums.

The Hope And Tragedy Of Shalom Auslander

Everything you ever wanted to know about the controversial writer but were afraid to ask in one interview.

The Weekly Yiderati – Shteyngart’s Tweets, Ben Marcus’ Wordless Musics, Simon Rich Shouts & Murmurs, And More

Our weekly roundup of all things literary because we’ve been told that Jews like books.

Welcome Back Cohen

Old Ideas, means a new Leonard Cohen album.

Shul Hopping: A Single Man In The Land Of The Married

It ain’t easy being a single Jew in among the married crowd.

Reviewed: Jeff Oliver’s “Failure To Thrive”

Jeff Oliver in his debut novel, Failure to Thrive, throws a hail-mary pass that lands, beautifully, in the arms of the readers.