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Birthright Reimagined

Wrapping up the revisiting of Birthright with a remaining of it.

Reviewed: “Scenes From A Village Life” By Amos Oz

One of Israel’s primary literary voices has written a small, but powerful book.

The Crown Heights Affair

Matt Shaer explored a normally sheltered Hasidic community in Brooklyn and the conflict that is tearing it apart.

Birthright Revisited – The Politics Of Politics

Taking note of the politics of a Birthright trip

Paying A Shiva Call With Joan Didion

Last night, at the elegant Symphony Space, I attended a mass shiva call for the inimitable, venerable Joan Didion.

A Jewish New Testament?

Two academics served as editors for the first, The Jewish Annotated New Testament

Jewcy Interviews: Stuart Nadler And The Book Of Life

Stuart Nadler’s debut story collection, The Book of Life, reads more like the work of a seasoned veteran, less a writer publishing his first book.

Keith Richards And Elie Wiesel Are Totally BFF

Keith Richards has won the Norman Mailer Award For a Distinguished Biography for his book.