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Shul Hopping: Hanging With The 1%

By November 14, 2011

What it’s like to pray with the rich and the super rich. Read More

Give Etgar Keret A Hand

By November 9, 2011

Want to win money and be published in an Etgar Keret book? (You should really say yes to this…) Read More

Birthright Revisited: “Real” And “True” Culture

By November 3, 2011

In the last post, I hinted towards some of the more questionable aspects of the birthright experience. Here I would like to focus on this idea of birthright as experiencing the “real” or “true” culture of Israel. Read More

Revisiting Chaim Potok’s “The Chosen”

By November 2, 2011

Revisiting a Jewish classic, as an adult. Read More

Birthright Revisited

By October 26, 2011

I hope in this series to describe the Birthright experience from the side of a counselor, an insider, and as a critical outsider. Partially because of my belief in this institution, partially from my love of all its participants, and partially because what makes us Jews if not for the questions we ask? Read More

Shalom Auslander Looks For A Holocaust Hiding Spot

By October 25, 2011

Shalom Auslander calls Ira Glass, Sarah Vowell, and some of his other friends to ask if he can hide in their attics. Read More

Shul Hopping: Occupy Yom Kippur

By October 11, 2011

This Yom Kippur, I gained a new insight into the power of the day. As we grow into mature moral selves, we reach a point when we must ask: do we actually act on our ideals? Read More

A Shul Hopper’s Thought On The High Holidays

By October 4, 2011

As we encounter this month of Elul and the High Holidays, the end/beginning of the Jewish year, this path of ease and comfort begins to fade as the mood of the calendar brings us face to face with our beliefs. Read More