About Joel Schalit

Joel Schalit is a writer and editor based in Milan, Italy. An Israeli-American pundit noted for his unique views on Middle Eastern politics and US culture, over the past fifteen years, Schalit has produced four books and contributed to numerous online and print periodicals including Alternet, The Guardian, France 24 and XLR8R. The former managing editor of Berkeley's Tikkun magazine and associate editor of Chicago's award-winning Punk Planet, Schalit served two terms as the co-director of the world's longest-running online publication, Bad Subjects. He is the online editor of Zeek. Schalit's fifth publication, Israel vs. Utopia, is forthcoming in October from Akashic Books.

Learning to Grieve

By July 7, 2009

We live our lives in frames that grant us an appearance that frequently is not of our own devising.  The camera lens, for instance, puts us in frames as the photographer’s eyes see us; a law or a statute frames … Read More

What is British Jewish Politics?

By June 30, 2009

Politics is an inescapable part of human existence. It concerns the way that people organise themselves, in particular how they act within institutions and units of governance. Above all, politics concerns the way humans interact with power. It is therefore … Read More

Another Crack

By June 29, 2009

I was walking down Carlebach Street when the wailing air raid siren announced the biggest civil drill in Israel’s history. Though I’d timed a morning interview around it, (who wants to pause for two minutes of alarm?), I was otherwise … Read More

Riot Grrrl Goes Tehran

By June 23, 2009

On January 30th, Unveiled: New Art Form the Middle East opened at London’s Saatchi Gallery. A collection of recent works by Arab and Iranian artists, the exhibit documented the extent of social criticism engaged in by photographers, painters and installation … Read More

Everywhere But There

By June 15, 2009

The only consolation about Benjamin Netanyahu’s second government is that two months into office it appears to be the most universally disliked in Israel’s 61-year history. Whether at home or abroad, no one, it seems, has anything good to say … Read More

Everwhere But There

By June 8, 2009

Far be it for Caroline Glick to oversimplify Barack Obama. From the very outset of her televised debate with fellow Jerusalem Post columnist Gershon Baskin, the American-born pundit made it clear exactly what she thought of the new US President’s … Read More

Tel Avivians Have a Headache

By June 2, 2009

On a recent Friday night, Tel Aviv ran out of the Israeli equivalent of Tylenol. A killer migraine throbbing away, I went to not one, not two, but six grocery stores in search of relief. "What’s going on in this … Read More

Everywhere But There

By May 29, 2009

If the mounting litany of threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran are any indication, Israel definitely intends to go to war. Barely a day passes, or so it seems, without a member of the Israeli government making a statement … Read More