About Joel Schalit

Joel Schalit is a writer and editor based in Milan, Italy. An Israeli-American pundit noted for his unique views on Middle Eastern politics and US culture, over the past fifteen years, Schalit has produced four books and contributed to numerous online and print periodicals including Alternet, The Guardian, France 24 and XLR8R. The former managing editor of Berkeley's Tikkun magazine and associate editor of Chicago's award-winning Punk Planet, Schalit served two terms as the co-director of the world's longest-running online publication, Bad Subjects. He is the online editor of Zeek. Schalit's fifth publication, Israel vs. Utopia, is forthcoming in October from Akashic Books.

New Jewish Thought: Dispatch From the UK

By May 19, 2009

The British Jewish community rarely seems to feature on the worldwide Jewish map. It may have been significant a century ago, although probably only then because a handful of its leaders had access to the corridors of power of the … Read More

Everywhere But There

By May 18, 2009

Concern. Apprehension. Suspicion. Mistrust.  Five years ago, it would have been an anathema to associate such words with an Israeli government’s attitude towards its closest ally, the United States. But, as the momentum has built towards Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin … Read More

Everywhere But There

By May 11, 2009

It was one of the most curious ommissions I’d ever read. Citing an Italian analyst’s contention that Silvio Berlusconi is a "non-ideological authoritarian", a respected British news source, well-known for its dislike of the Italian leader, seemed to miss the … Read More

Palestinian “Happiness”

By April 28, 2009

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a focus of media coverage throughout the world for decades. Yet, despite (or perhaps because of) widespread media attention in America, Americans often view this conflict from a distance, isolated from the painful reality by … Read More

This is Social Justice

By April 23, 2009

The irresistible urge to work for justice is a hallmark of Jewish engagement with the modern world. Ever since the Haskalah, a.k.a. the ‘Jewish Enlightenment,’ began to pry open the gates of European ghettos in the 18th century, Jewish law … Read More

Welcome To My Neighbourhood, Part II

By March 19, 2009

To say that Jews have a complex relationship to Europe would be a gross understatement. In many respects, this relation is just as complex as Diaspora Jewry’s connection to Israel. The Jewish experience of Europe is both the basis for … Read More

The Other Side

By March 9, 2009

It’s never been an official policy. But, some time over the last twenty-five years, Israel stopped giving its wars official names. Take, for example, the 18-year-long conflict in Lebanon. ‘The Lebanon War’ refers to the 1982 invasion of the country by Israeli forces, not … Read More

Appetite for Self-Destruction

By February 11, 2009

Avigdor Lieberman‘s victory, or so it seems, was preordained. Nothing that the actual winner of yesterday’s Israeli elections could do was going to change that, despite the fact Tzipi Livni’s incumbent Kadima party received twice as many votes. Even though … Read More