About Joel Schalit

Joel Schalit is a writer and editor based in Milan, Italy. An Israeli-American pundit noted for his unique views on Middle Eastern politics and US culture, over the past fifteen years, Schalit has produced four books and contributed to numerous online and print periodicals including Alternet, The Guardian, France 24 and XLR8R. The former managing editor of Berkeley's Tikkun magazine and associate editor of Chicago's award-winning Punk Planet, Schalit served two terms as the co-director of the world's longest-running online publication, Bad Subjects. He is the online editor of Zeek. Schalit's fifth publication, Israel vs. Utopia, is forthcoming in October from Akashic Books.

All-Inclusive Racism

By September 7, 2009

Criticism of European anti-Semitism always neglects its context. That is, it mistakes its object, frequently construed as being Israel, for being more important than what it has in common with other continental racisms. It is always a criticism of the … Read More

Grassroots Jews

By September 1, 2009

Logging onto Facebook recently, I received an invitation to join an initiative called Grassroots Jews, a project led by a small group of people working together to put on High Holy Day services in north west London this year.  Not … Read More

The Missing Mizrahim

By August 31, 2009

Some critics have faulted Rachel Shabi’s We Look Like the Enemy: The Hidden Story of Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands as one-sided. Shabi neglects the animosity that existed between Jews and Muslims long before 1948, the critics say. She exaggerates … Read More

Viva Italia

By August 24, 2009

Over the course of the last two decades, the question of race has come to the forefront of Italian politics. Inspired by waves of immigration from eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa, it is most frequently associated … Read More

British Jewish Politics, Part III

By August 13, 2009

I write this with some mixed feelings. On the one hand, I am pleased that my original post on Zeek / New Jewish Thought was taken seriously enough by Diana to provoke her into writing a lengthy, articulate and serious … Read More

British Jewish Politics, Part II

By July 27, 2009

Keith Kahn-Harris, in his discussion of British Jewish politics (Zeek, June 30th), presents a rather timid community, anxious to maintain cohesion behind its chosen voice, the Board of Deputies of British Jews.  He chooses to present this organisation as the … Read More

Israel is at War Again

By July 20, 2009

Israel is at war again. This time, the frontline is deep within the country’s borders—South Tel Aviv. Home to African refugees, foreign workers, and economically disadvantaged Israelis, South Tel Aviv was once a picture of pluralism and coexistence. Indian, Nepali, … Read More

Everywhere But There

By July 9, 2009

His English isn’t very good, but the guy sure knows how to communicate with dogs. Whenever he sees me taking Pixel out for a walk, Antonello turns into a magnet. Within seconds, Pixel is at his feet, wagging his tail, … Read More