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The Ira Glas Man-Fatuation Post: Living Without

Never leave us again, Ira Glass.

This American Life Ira Glass Manfatuation Post: Ten Years In

Ira Glass and crew do their own version of a 9/11 commemorative show.

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Get A Life, Jews!

Larry’s adventures in New York come to an end.

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Koufax Gave Me Some Kishka Once

Now that Curb has hit a fever pitch for the current season (no pun intended considering this baseball-centric past two episodes) it seems like a good time to start looking at this season as a whole, and in regard to the entire series.

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Upstream

if you can manage to live a life where you, let old men beat you in scrabble, marry an unattractive woman and never upstream, God and Larry David will down upon you.

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiam: Larry David Goes Barry Bonds

Larry David uses performance enhancing drugs to gain an advantage over Rosie O’Donnell.

The Ira Glass Man-Fatuation Post: Amusement Parks

Thank you This American Life, giving us a reprieve from the disaster and despair that’s…

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Stugots

Larry David proved that you can return home, but maybe you shouldn’t…