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Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Who Sits Shiva For A Dog?

By August 8, 2011

Give us your bald, your tired, your huddled complaining masses. Give us Larry David. Read More

The This American Life Ira Glass Man-Fatuation Post: Thugs

By August 4, 2011

Our favorite nebbish talks thugs. Oh Ira, we love you so. (In a totally platonic, man crush sort of way…) Read More

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Eating Where You, Eh…

By August 1, 2011

Larry takes on guys named “Dog,” stupid computer speak, and eating where he, eh, shouldn’t eat… Read More

Radical Fiction: Vanessa Veselka’s “Zazen”

By July 26, 2011

Is a book about radicals the first spark for saving the publishing industry? Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Read More

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Leib, Social Assassin

By July 25, 2011

Larry works on a two state solution this week. Read More

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Balls Are Reviled

By July 18, 2011

In Larry David’s world, reality can be a meshuggah prospect, up becomes down, black becomes white and boobs becomes interchangeable with balls. Read More

Jews Watching Curb Your Enthusiasm: Girl Scouts, Ersatz Jews, And Buffet Fine Print

By July 11, 2011

The first thing we learned on the premiere episode of season eight was before you engage in a loving relationship with another person, find out whether or not they have respect for wood! Read More

This American Life Man-Fatuation Post: Act V

By July 6, 2011

This week, NPR once again brings us the “Act V” episode of This American Life in which prison inmates put on a production of Hamlet. Read More