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Why We Don’t Give

By November 6, 2007

We—the children of the boomers, the privileged progressives—have a giving problem, which is that we don’t do it. Instead, we cloak ourselves in the trappings of charity. We carve out lives that appear to be socially just, full of free … Read More

Why I’m Jealous of Shalom Auslander’s Horrible God

By October 5, 2007

When I was a kid, I was taught that it’s okay to be angry, so long as you can find good ways to get the anger out. Painting—I was instructed—was good for getting the anger out (hence we make abstract … Read More

No Tears for Jerry

By May 18, 2007

So as we all know, Jerry Falwell (founder of the so-called Moral Majority)  is dead, and this JTA article discusses the mixed feeling Jews had about the man. Statements from Jewish leaders about his death were duly respectful of a man … Read More

Jewish Politics Beyond Israel

By May 18, 2007

A few weeks ago, I took my son to play at the park, with my new friend Naomi and her daughter (who is almost exactly my son's age). At the time I had a vague sense that she worked in some capacity for … Read More

If You Haven’t Read Jabes

By May 17, 2007

Before I go, I want to point you to a Jewish poet I love, Edmond Jabes. To begin with, you should crack open a copy of his Book of Questions… Although I've never studied Jabes in any formal way, and … Read More

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye…

By May 17, 2007

So, this week when I rest for Shabbat, I'll be resting for good. At least as far as Faithhacker is concerned. I'll be leaving after I post tomorrow, and not coming back as a blogger… I could blame this decision … Read More

Jews and Polygamy?

By May 16, 2007

While we're feeling superior to the Mormons, and discussing sex, let's touch on Polygamy in Jewish history and law! Most of us know that Jews today don't engage in Polygamy, and most of us also know that Jews used to … Read More

How Many Kids Did Adam and Eve Have?

By May 16, 2007

Funny how once you start thinking about all the things you DON'T know, you remember even more things you don't know.  For me (with my spotty biblical education), religion is an area of particularly sketchy knowledge. So after looking up … Read More