About Leah Koenig

Leah Koenig is the Editor-in-Chief of The Jew and the Carrot: Hazon's Blog on Jews, Food, and Contemporary Life (www.jcarrot.org) She is also a freelance writer living in Brooklyn (as far as she knows, she's the only one.) She loves shopping at the farmers' market, braised greens, and a good, stinky cheese.

Q&A with Jill Ginsberg from Thou Shall Snack

By November 26, 2007

Jewish Grandmas are known for their special gift for feeding – and over feeding – their loved ones. But for Jill Ginsberg (second from right), her Grandma Rose not only filled her belly with chicken soup, rugelach, and blintzes – … Read More

The Friday 5: Top Jewish Foods From Thanksgiving Leftovers

By November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving is done and Black Friday is upon us along with a fridge full of delicious leftovers. Unfortunately, another glorious meal – Shabbat dinner – is now just a few hours away, while your desire to cook dwindled away sometime … Read More

Gobble Gobble Glatt

By November 15, 2007

My friend Simon spent his day pulling feathers out of turkeys.  While I clicked away at a keyboard in my office, he plucked – getting these just-slaughtered birds ready for their Thanksgiving debut. Simon is the founder of Kosher Conscience, an ethical … Read More

Food Watch: Food is for eating, right?

By November 9, 2007

I'm cursed blessed with a classic Jewish body. Well, that's not entirely true, as the German Protestant half of my family shows up in my height and blond hair. But my, ahem, lower half is 100% old country. So, I … Read More

Slow News Day?

By November 2, 2007

News flash: following in the footsteps of 5 Towns in Long Island, Staten Island finally got its first kosher Dunkin Donuts.  (Hooray?) Even stranger – this story made front page news in the Jewish Week's online edition.  Staff Writer, Tamar Snyder, writes: Now, … Read More

Devil’s Candy

By October 28, 2007

Like many assimilated Jewish children, I grew up an all-out, costume-wearing, candy-trading, Halloween-celebrating kid. I didn't know from pagan rituals or the occult – I just wanted to run around my neighborhood in a ballerina costume, crunching through the leaves … Read More

The Friday 5: Top Trayf Cravings

By October 26, 2007

  An observant friend of mine celebrates Purim every year with a ‘trayf night -” the one night a year he willingly – even actively – eats non-kosher food. Purim, he figures, is all about shaking things up and turning … Read More

Food Watch – What’s Wrong with Food?

By October 18, 2007

The World Jewish Digest recently published an article called, "What's Wrong with Hebrew School?" which outlines the myriad of practical and philosophical problems that plague everyone's favorite punishment for Jewish kids. The question sits heavily on the shoulders of Jewish … Read More