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Leah Koenig is the Editor-in-Chief of The Jew and the Carrot: Hazon's Blog on Jews, Food, and Contemporary Life (www.jcarrot.org) She is also a freelance writer living in Brooklyn (as far as she knows, she's the only one.) She loves shopping at the farmers' market, braised greens, and a good, stinky cheese.

Spotlight: The Wissotzky Tea Company

By June 9, 2009

This article originally appeared on MyJewishLearning.com and is reprinted here with permission. Russians had been drinking tea for fewer than 175 years when Klonimos Wolf Wissotzky founded the Wissotzky Tea Company in 1849 at the age of 25. His timing … Read More

A “Rare” Find: The Good Kosher Steakhouse

By February 4, 2009

How did Dominique Courbe, a non-Jewish, second-generation butcher from Normandy end up behind the counter at the only kosher French brasserie and butcher shop in Manhattan, Le Marais?  And how did his boss, Jose Meirelles, a former banker from Portugal, … Read More

Cooking Storm: An Interview with Chef Sandy Stollar

By November 26, 2008

Watching Chef Sandy Stollar cook is kind of like having front row seats at the Daytona 500. Born in Queens to a Colombian-Argentinean Jewish family, Stollar embodies all the fast-paced energy of a native New Yorker, and all the credentials … Read More

The Rosh Hashanah Dinner Challenge: Win Prizes for the Greenest Menu

By September 18, 2008

The Jew & the Carrot is holding a contest to see who can create the greenest Rosh Hashanah dinner menu.  Prizes for the winner include some great Jewish cook books.  Think you’ve got the green chops?  Prove it: The Assignment: … Read More

Read it and Eat: ‘In Defense of Food’

By January 21, 2008

(Cross posted from The Jew & The Carrot) Many people complain that it’s difficult to find a synagogue to join in New York City. There are just so many options, that none of them feel exactly right – you might … Read More

Jessica Seinfeld Sued Over “Vegetable Plagiarism”

By January 9, 2008

The Jessica Seinfeld controversy continues – and this time, Jerry’s wife isn’t laughing. (Wow, that sentence sounds so gossip blog…oh well, I’ll roll with it.) According to The Smoking Gun: “An author today sued Jerry Seinfeld’s wife for allegedly plagiarizing … Read More

Kickin It – Sunday Brunch Style

By January 6, 2008

(x-posted at The Jew & The Carrot) Last year, my freelancing musician boyfriend took a side gig teaching Hebrew school at a neighborhood synagogue on Sunday mornings.  Like, 8:00am on Sunday morning.  I understood his desire to teach and make some extra … Read More

Does This Supermarket Aisle Make Me Look Fat?

By December 31, 2007

(x-posted at The Jew & The Carrot)  Bonnie over at Ethicurean created a fascinating infographic for Wired that overlays the price per calorie of various foods with their energy payoff and sugar content.  It depicts what Adam Drewnowski researched and Michael Pollan wrote … Read More