About Maayan

I am a Junior at Pratt, majoring in Graphic Design. Currently, I have been Jewcy's Art and Design intern for the past year, yes year, learning the inter-workings of the wonderful world of Jewcy. Next semester I am studying abroad at Bauhaus, University in Weimar, Germany.

Wayne F. Miller: Photographs 1942-1958

By January 29, 2009

Wayne F. Miller: Photographs 1942-1958 is the visual chronicle of the evolution of Wayne Forest Miller, a largely self-taught photographer who gladly left art school in 1942 to embrace the full spectrum of experience offered by the Second World War. … Read More

Howard Friedman

By January 8, 2009

H.S. Friedman, has worn many hats in his life including scientist, ?mathematician, writer and artist.   His mathematics and scientific pursuits are grounded in the world of numbers and facts where we hope that this is an objective, right answer. … Read More

Craig Voligny

By January 6, 2009

As an adolescent I became aware of the expectations put on my male existence, from family, peers and popular culture.  Boys would be men, and that meant in my situation I was to grow up, be physically strong, stoic, and … Read More

Mark Winograd

By December 10, 2008

I came to photography quite by accident. I was out of high school, no job, no prospects, and was hitchhiking across the country. In Abilene a woman picked me up. “Where you going young man?” “Seeing the country,” I said. … Read More

A Jewcy Affair in November

By November 21, 2008

If there’s anything that brings Jews together, more than a birth, a wedding, or a sample sale, it’s free food and booze. Last night, we opened up the Jewcy office and invited some of our nearest and dearest over. Here’s … Read More

Celebrities Looking Bad

By November 14, 2008

In Powerhouse’s new book, No Pictures, Ron Galella explores the world of the paparazzo. Ron Galella didn’t invent the word paparazzo – Italian for a buzzing mosquito – but he certainly personalized it by redefining the relationship between the movie … Read More

The Night Obama Won

By November 7, 2008

Long time friend to Barack Obama, photographer David Katz, was the only photographer Obama allowed behind the scenes to capture his victorious election night. These photos show the family’s anticipation, happiness and their overwhelming excitement as Obama won the 2008 … Read More

Capitalism in Action

By October 24, 2008

A tribute to capitalism in action, issue 3 of powerHouse Magazine, The Hustle, is about the art of selling anything. Selling sex, selling drugs, selling clothes, selling souls, selling dreams, selling schemes, selling anything cause this is America, baby.