Margarita Korol

Margarita Korol is Jewcy's art director. She is also art director at Vol. 1 Brooklyn and contributing editor at Los Angeles' printed art magazine Bluecanvas. She also manages social media for Random House/ Schocken partner Nextbook and Bambi Shlomovich. Her upcoming exhibit at the group ArtOnBrighton show at the New York Aquarium on Brighton Beach will feature her propaganda on October 1 and 2. See what she's up to at @urbanpopartist |

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The Monday Mazel: Mama’s Boys

Some Jews got married after they were finished fasting.

Stop Hitting Yourself Why Are You Hitting Yourself?: Incentives Behind Atonement

We’re gonna go to shul and bang on our chests to repent. How do other people do it?

Monday Mazel: Jew Blue Weddings With The Best Analytics

This week we take a look at some Jewish weddings that could have easily gone down on Skype as Google, Twitter, and the web at large celebrate the union of some of their own.

The Monday Mazel: Jews And Carnies

The attraction of the Jew to the performing artist is probably the most natural thing in the world. Both traditions cheering good boys and girls to cultivate individual talents to benefit the tribe, it’s the talent that they’re attracted to when they finally hook up

Getting The Lo-Down On SovJews In Your Mailbox

This year’s Big Jewcy Lea Zeltserman continues to rock with a new newsletter connecting the stories of Soviet Jews.

The Monday Mazel: A Rabbi And A Reverend Walk Into A Bar (Mitzvah)

Give it a dozen or so years, and these lovebirds will be making a yenta somewhere proud at Baby’s bar/ bat mitzvah. Hopefully the reverend is invited to that joyous occasion, too.

ArtOnBrighton Festival

Announcing ArtOnBrighton – a two-day art festival that will take place on the Brighton Beach…

FaceGlat: Keeping “The Book” In Facebook

Introducing FaceGlat, a kosher rendition of Facebook that keeps the ladies and gents separate before you can “like” a thing.