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Monday Mazel: Jew Blue Weddings With The Best Analytics

Monday Mazel: Jew Blue Weddings With The Best Analytics

What fun it would have been to deduce the vibe of festivities at the union of two Yalesters. (After crashing a birthday bash of one of their Ivy League peers at a downtown bar this weekend, I can confidently say that there was no dancing at this wedding.) But alas, The goyim sans moyle get to pop bottles, but don’t get dubbed Mazels. Instead, this week we take a look at some Jewish weddings that could have easily gone down on Skype as Google, Twitter, and the web at large celebrate the union of some of their own.

The wedding between Samantha Acunto and Brandon Cohen probably had the best analytics in the city. Both specializing in advertising on the gnarliest monstertruck of all search engines, their compatibility spans beyond devices and platforms. Hopefully they can avoid unsubscribing from one another in not throwing too much SPAM around.

Another match that goes more than tag-deep, litigious Kimberly will forever be trending on Chad Rosen’s radar, a software programmer at Twitter. Elsewhere in Style, a science teacher ties the knot with a web editor/ freelance writer, proving that Einstein was right when he said “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.” The internet is.

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