Margarita Korol

Margarita Korol is Jewcy's art director. She is also art director at Vol. 1 Brooklyn and contributing editor at Los Angeles' printed art magazine Bluecanvas. She also manages social media for Random House/ Schocken partner Nextbook and Bambi Shlomovich. Her upcoming exhibit at the group ArtOnBrighton show at the New York Aquarium on Brighton Beach will feature her propaganda on October 1 and 2. See what she's up to at @urbanpopartist |

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Jewish Movie Week: A Jewkrainian Watching An American Tail

To be depicted as a mouse time and again, while it beautifully illustrates the contextualized Soviet Jewish experience among persecutors, also undermines that adaptable resilience that comes with the territory.

Jewcy Interviews: Mike Edison Talks Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!

Mike Edison’s “Dirty! Dirty! Dirty!” reads like the lovechild of Screw Magazine and Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

Saul Bass Forever.

Using the title sequences of some of Hollywood’s finest as his canvas, Sul Bass managed to revolutionize graphic design in introducing the fourth dimension of time.

Talk Amongst Yourselves, I’ll Give You A Topic: Coffee Talk Ice-Cream

Coffee Talk ice cream is finally a reality.

Dedushka Trotsky: Talking Trotsky With Jewkrainian Grandpas On Leon’s Special Day

It’s Trotsky’s would-be 132nd birthday today, and for the occasion, I took a risk that equated to shaking a stick at the Red Army: I sought out the thoughts of some ex-Soviets on the renegade Russky.

The Monday Mazel: All The Live-Long Day

This week’s Mazels celebrate the union of several very busy people who probably won’t see much of each other until they retire

The Monday Mazel: The Financiers Wed

Now that we’re through the high holiday, we await the landslide of Jewish weddings.

Everyday Is Sukkot: Jewish Architects Who Shaped Our Cities

Sukkot comes but once a year, but some make a career out of the festive ritual of putting together a proper piece of architecture, with carefully chosen ornamentation (perhaps not always fertile fruit).