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Talk Amongst Yourselves, I’ll Give You A Topic: Coffee Talk Ice-Cream

Coffee Talk ice cream is finally a reality. Read More

By / November 15, 2011

My first assignment as art department intern at Tablet Magazine was a photo shoot for an article on Summer 2010’s clutch new NYC grocery item, Chozen brand ice-cream, starring a rugelach-cookie-infused cinnamon ice-cream delivered to select locations around town by a Jewish family operation upstate. The field trip to Garden of Eden and the half-melted exposé made for some sexy shots and a very tasty cleanup. They’ve since pushed out a few more kosher flavs, like Coconut Macaroon, Apples and Honey, Chocolate Gelt, Matzoh Crunch, and most recently, Coffee Talk. As in, forklempt scenes of gossipy older women engaged in bonding rituals over decadent, calorie-less treats in an environment reminiscent of the Golden Girls kitchen. Played out neuroticism of the 90s, back like a 20-year-old fashion statement.

In light of their latest, Chozen is plopping down as the new yenta around the table next to Linda Richman and should probably be dubbed the official dessert of Barbra Streisand already, regardless of the icon’s private preferences.