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In Praise of Kvetching

Don’t ask me how my husband convinced me to hike the Inca Trail. I am legitimately not sure. All I know is that it all started with a voucher from a cancelled flight (not to Peru), and it was easier saying yes to something when the trip was six months away.

The hike was four days (three nights camping), and involved both climbing up, and down, over 10,000 feet (plus walking nearly 30 miles).

I had hiked once before, in Ein Gedi, with my high school, a mild trip. I still almost threw up towards the end, and had to drag myself up the last few steps, before crawling to the tour bus to catch my breath. I had never camped. I had never been anywhere remotely that high- not even the Rockies. And as the trip neared, and the reality of the impending hike set in, I began to panic.

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