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Introducing Camp Week on Jewcy
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Metzora, and the Purification Process
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Introducing Camp Week on Jewcy

Jewcy is heading on a Birthright Israel trip, in a matter of minutes actually, but fear not: this week is Camp Week on Jewcy, where we celebrate that glorious institution known as summer camp, and the treasured position it holds in the American Jewish consciousness. Each day we’ll bring you a different camp story, starting with today’s ode to capitalist camp and the entrepreneurial spirit it kindled in one young camper.

Also, make sure to check in with The Roll, where our editor, Stephanie Butnick, will be blogging from Birthright Israel with some Tablet Magazine writers. She has elected to cover the ‘Birthright Israel After Dark’ beat, so it should get pretty interesting. It is an especially good day for an El Al jaunt to Israel, since it’s falafel day over there.

Happy camp week!

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