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Listen to Scarlett Johansson Talk About Healthcare
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Listen to Scarlett Johansson Talk About Healthcare

Scarlett Johansson has the most sought after vocal chords in show business. Her sultry, smoky voice is one of her prized attributes—she’s even playing the voice of a sexy operating system that Joaquin Phoenix has the hots for in the upcoming film Her—a part that, some speculate, could make Oscar history considering the unlikelihood of an actor winning an Academy Award without actually appearing on screen. But that’s Johansson’s voice for you; it could even make healthcare sexy. And, it has, sort of. Mother Jones reports:

Last Friday, Planned Parenthood announced that they had enlisted three actresses to help them inform Americans about details of the Affordable Care Act. Scarlett Johansson, Aisha Tyler, and Gabrielle Union (all active in progressive politics) each recorded special phone messages to remind callers about Obamacare eligibility.

OK, so it’s not sexy, but it is badass. Listen to hear Johansson talk about women’s choices for healthcare plans.

Listen to Scarlett Johansson Try to Sell You on Obamacare
[Mother Jones]

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