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‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 Trailer is Here!

Come June 6th, you can catch me on a serious Netflix binge of Jenji Kohan’s hit jail-bird series, Orange is the New Black. The trailer released yesterday, and the gangs all back! Red, Taystee, and my personal favorite, Nicky, played by Jewish actress Natasha Lyonne, are all back for round two, and it’s clear that Piper’s WASP-y shell has hardened quite a bit from her stint in solitary confinement.

Although Laura Preppon’s character, Alex, will reportedly make her exit this season, she also appears in the trailer. And we see there’s a new matriarch on the block threatening Red’s cell-supremacy! Of course, her name is “Vee.” Such a tough jail-chic name. That one, abrupt syllable thing.

Check the trailer for yourself, and scroll below for a video of the cast summing up season 2. Let’s just say it’s “deep, dangerous, and extraordinary.”

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