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Woody Allen Says Criticism of Israel Often a Mask for Anti-Semitism

Woody Allen stuck up for his fellow Jews this week while promoting his latest film, Blue Jasmine, in France, the Times of Israel reports.

On Monday, Israel’s Channel 2 asked him if it is harder to be a Jew in America today, to which Allen said, “No, I don’t think so. By the low standards of tolerance for Jews all over the world, America’s been a very tolerant country.” But, he added, “I do feel there are many people that disguise their negative feelings toward Jews, disguise it as anti-Israel criticism, political criticism, when in fact what they really mean is that they don’t like Jews.”

Though the iconic filmmaker has never visited the Holy Land, when interviewed by Yedioth Ahronoth (translated by The Forward) last year, Allen surprised us all by expressing a deep appreciation for the nation of Israel and sympathy for its struggles.

What do you think? Is anti-Israel criticism a cover for Jew hatred? More importantly, when is Woody gonna prove his love of Israel and film a movie there?

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