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Woody Allen’s Hold on the World’s Worst Sex Euphemism
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Woody Allen’s Hold on the World’s Worst Sex Euphemism

To “make love” is basically the worst euphemism there is for sex, and how it got a foothold in the mainstream vernacular is beyond even the wisest of sages. Why do we use this icky term when there are so many that are better suited for sex? Here’s our little list. These sexy sex euphemisms work every time:

Doing it
Tympanic tickle
Rock the Casbah

But Woody Allen seems to love “make love.” From the looks of a new video, produced by Official Comedy, Allen might just be the creepy phrase’s biggest perpetuator. From What’s New Pussycat to Husbands and Wives all the way to Midnight in Paris, Allen’s characters are droppin’ the “make love” bomb all too often. Nice and creepy.

Good morning.

SUPERCUT: Woody Allen loves to say “make love” [Film Drunk]

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