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Lag BaOHMer

Lag BaOHMer


Happy Lag BaOmer— the Jewish holiday that… um… something about bonfires and bows and arrows!

Yes, Lag BaOmer can be a holiday more about ritual than meaning (its origin is unclear), but it happens to be a day of great kabbalistic import (someone tell Madonna).  So let’s get real spiritual and finish out the holiday with a special yoga routine (the links take you to instructions).

Yoga moves courtesy of Jewcy contributor Rachel Jacobs:

  1. Corpse pose: One piece of Lag BaOmer lore is that it’s the day that ended a terrible plague that wiped out tens of thousands of Rabbi Akiva’s followers. So we can start there as we leave mourning behind.
  2. Conqueror breath: Let’s transition to something more active as we demand victory (more on that historical bit next).
  3. Sun Salutation: If you can face down a Lag BaOmer bonfire while you make amazing s’mores, then you can face the sun.
  4. Warrior Pose: Especially in modern times and in Israel, there is a connection between Lag BaOmer and the Bar Kokhba revolt, so be a warrior!
  5. Warrior Pose II: The rebellion was a failure. Do another pose, this time with a bit of melancholy.
  6. Hero Pose: This sitting position is a good wind down, but use the title to think of it as a reminder for Jewish courage throughout history. Or something.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this yoga journey through Lag BaOmer. Now go shoot an arrow at something, you crazy kids!

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