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Elisa R. Shostack is a licensed psychotherapist and recruiter in New York state. She is also a speech and motivational writer who enjoys reading (real books), decorating and traveling. She can be reached at: erscounseling@aol.com

Purim at Chabad!

By March 16, 2009

Cheers to Chabad! Once again, Chabad hosted a fun and enlightening Purim party. An event filled with comedy, culinary delights and charisma! Congregation Bnai Avraham in Brooklyn Heights is an amazing place where everyone feels at home. Singles, couples, families, … Read More

What Makes Someone a “Jewish Professional?”

By December 20, 2008

After two recent holiday parties back to back (one of which was the famous Jewcy party), I became curious about what defines a "Jewish professional." From day to night, these two parties were completely different – or were they? First stop, The Jewish … Read More

A Fine Shabbos Breeze

By December 13, 2008

One recent Friday afternoon I decided to take the streets home from work. There is something very interesting about being a “tourist” in your own borough. Seeing people from 5 cultures in a 3 mile radius. Listening to the train … Read More

Single Women Do Cook

By December 3, 2008

"SINGLE women DO cook!" Why is it that so many people ask me, "You cook?" But you’re single, right?" WOW, I guess single women don’t EAT, or they only order takeout. Why else would they need to cook WHOLESOME, HEALTHY … Read More

Chabad Rabbi and Rebbetzen Holtzberg of Mumbai, India: Precious Lives Cut Short By Terrorists

By November 28, 2008

Hello everyone, I usually like to write about funny moments in life or the importance of putting humor to the not-so-funny moments. However, today is a day of mourning in Mumbai, India, and around the world. We must realize that in … Read More

Wear a Watch

By November 25, 2008

A dear friend of mine, who is now "watching" over me, once taught me this crucial lesson: If you want to be on time, wear a watch. If you want to have really good time management skills, wear a watch. … Read More