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Purim at Chabad!

Cheers to Chabad!

Once again, Chabad hosted a fun and enlightening Purim party. An event filled with comedy, culinary delights and charisma!

Congregation Bnai Avraham in Brooklyn Heights is an amazing place where everyone feels at home. Singles, couples, families, elders all enjoy weekly classes, congregational meals and time with the amazing Raskin! Forget the Amazing Kreskin, Raskin puts him to shame..his family welcome everyone and the Rebbetzen dressed as Queen Esther (but without the ego) is beautiful.

Simcha Weinstein runs multiple programs for Chabad and teaches at Pratt University. He is also a published author and a very funny Englishman!

Speaking of funny, the annual Congreation Bnai Avraham Purimpalooza, offered members top of the line comedy in way of Steve Marshall! Steve is a very well known stand up comic, film director and comedy coach. His work and style is similar to that of Woody Allen, Steve Martin and Colin Quinn. You can visit his website, for much more information on his work. He does great "kosher comedy."

For more information on Congregation Bnai Avraham, visit:

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