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Single Women Do Cook

"SINGLE women DO cook!"

Why is it that so many people ask me, "You cook?" But you’re single, right?"

WOW, I guess single women don’t EAT, or they only order takeout. Why else would they need to cook WHOLESOME, HEALTHY meals, from SCRATCH!?? I guess it doesn’t really matter what you cook when you are single. Meals are only made for two. Yeah, right.

Not my meals, baby. Although I can sometimes eat for two or three people, I most certainly enjoy cooking my own meals. Lunch, dinner, snacks…whatever.

Why do you think companies make "single" serving dishes? I guess, to the contrary, "couples" can’t eat single serving dishes?

Either way, people are quick to judge and should just worry about their own kitchens.

Unless their kitchens are made from glass, they should not throw stones, or pasta.

As a matter of fact, even many men I date ask me the same thing or they are surprised that I know how to prepare more than a stack of takeout menus.

Don’t get me wrong, takeout is great on occasion, as long as you aware of the chemicals and high salt content found in many of these dishes. And salad? Ok ladies, how much salad can a single person eat? Yes I know it appears to the self, that you are watching your diet, when you order a "salad." Do you really think everyone washes their hands thoroughly before preparing your RAW salad?

Ok, back to single women and cooking.

Most women today are professionals, meaning they work full time and have several after-work responsibilities. This can inhibit their cooking time. The answer to this is to prepare a few dishes for the week on Sunday or early in the week. They don’t have to be elaborate. Light sandwiches for work, egg salad, dips, chicken cutlets with brown rice, almonds for snacking and some chocolate for decadent snacking.

Single women (or men, for that matter) should not deprive themselves or ever think they don’t have "time" or "know how" to cook.

Take a basic cooking class or a more specialized one- i.e. baking, sushi-making etc. These classes are not only tons of fun, they are great ways to meet friends and mates.

We all know how sexy cooking together can be! Cooking solo, while may not sound sexy, is definitely self motivating and rewarding. You feel accomplished and satiated at the same time.

So get out there (or in there-to the kitchen), single ladies AND gents. Be proud of all of your accomplishments and just be proud of who YOU ARE!

Remember, "there are no such things as failures, only unwanted results!"

Add a little "seasoning" to your life and start cooking, you single gourmets!

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