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Wear a Watch

A dear friend of mine, who is now "watching" over me, once taught me this crucial lesson:

If you want to be on time, wear a watch. If you want to have really good time management skills, wear a watch. Overall, if you want to be successful in life, wear a watch. When you put on a watch, you immediately feel organized, professional and even pretty (especially if it is diamond-faced). However, more importantly than the look of the watch, is what the watch represents. It represents all of the above. It gives you a sense of purpose and sense of structure. I believe that in recent years and especially in today’s world, so many people are stressed out and tired of being overly organized and structured. We are all facing multiple responsibilities with never enough time to complete all of the tasks we have on our list.

Therefore, we often throw away our watches and see wearing a watch as a form of incumberance, a strain around our wrists. We often rely on our cell phones for the time, or on our computer screens. Nothing can replace "the watch." You actually have to think when you check for the time on your watch. You have to make quick mathematical calculations and check the big hand and the little hand. While this may sound like child’s learning…it doesn’t change much for an adult. Especially with all the stress we face today, why not do more things that represent childhood? No one has to know you are a child and you may not be able to write with crayons all over your boss’s desk or make loud slupring noises through your milkshake straw..However, you can always look at your watch, check the hands listen for that faint but childlike ticking sound and figure on your next play/work date. You can wear a watch and not look like a child! I have seen CEOs with Mickey mouse watches, and I have seen teens with watches they can’t afford. As long as it tells the time and fits your wrist, you are ready to go.

Time for me to go now… I have another blog appointment. Good luck!

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